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We’re here to transform you into a logo expert using our AI tools. Just last week, we introduced our AI Brief feature. (

Simply provide some basic information about your company or project, and our AI Brief will craft a comprehensive logo design brief for you.

Check out the attached recording to see it in action.


Solid Money-Back Guarantee.

LogoLeague contests are very successful and it will be most unlikely that you will not ask for or require a refund. That is why we offer our “Money-Back Guarantee”. Generally speaking, most of the refunds issued are due to the client being unable to complete the contest because of unpredicted circumstances. If you require a refund from LogoLeague, please note the following:

  1. You will receive a 100% refund if you do not receive at least 50
  2. If you receive 50 entries or more, we will refund your money less a $75 consolation prize that will be awarded to the winning designer.

We don’t want any client to be unsatisfied or any designers to be out of time and materials for a contest that could not be completed. No matter what, LogoLeague does not keep any of the prize money designated for the contest.