LogoLeague Update January 2024

  • First up, we’re introducing a trial phase in the logo design process. This new step is all about giving clients a taste of the creative magic our designers offer, setting the stage for more informed choices. 
  • Also, keep an eye out for two important features launching in Q1 2024:

  • One-on-one functionality: This will open the door for direct interactions with clients, offering a more personalized connection.
  • Creative Marketplace: A new platform where your designs can be showcased and discovered by a wider audience.

We aim to create more opportunities for you to connect with clients and showcase your work in various ways. These changes are all about enhancing the LogoLeague experience for everyone involved. Stay tuned for more updates – exciting times are ahead at LogoLeague.com! 🌟🖌️

To encourage you to contribute designs and establish a connection with the client, during the trial phase, you get two benefits:-

  1. LogoLeague will award each design you upload with 1 reward point. In the trial phase, a client will receive a maximum of 15 design concepts. That is 15 reward points per contest and a maximum of 5 points per designer.
  2. Regardless of your current league, you can participate in any tier that the client selects, be it Entrepreneur, Business, or Company.

These new features are exclusive to designers who have reached ‘Silver League’ status. So, you’ll need at least 250 reward points to get in on the action.

Team LogoLeague